Your PR Starter Pack

Virtually every company could use a boost to it’s public profile. Getting featured or even mentioned in the news is a massive win.

Gain exposure >> build website traffic >> drive new customers.

Problem is that not every company can afford old-school PR retainers…

Until now, the paradigm was that you either had to put up a minimum $10k retainer monthly to get real world PR results or you did the hard work of driving relationships yourself. Something that is not always effective and often a waste of time.

And that’s where our PR Starter Pack comes in. If you have no background in public relations, it’s tricky to get your foot in the door. Let our experts help get you started with your first PR materials, outreach, and an in-depth consultation.

What Comes with the Starter Pack?

The PR Starter Pack is designed for entrepreneurs, startups, and business owners who want to promote their next big project!

Coming from the team @ Powerful Outreach, who have been successful in generating press for their clients in the Huffington Post, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Inc, The Next Web, and hundreds & hundreds of niche publications, this is the Fast Track to PR, including: 

1 x PR Best-Practices E-Book

6 x Pre-Packaged Pitch Email Templates

1 x Free Month @

1 x Press Kit Check List

1 x Contact List of 50 Journalists Specific to your Industry

1 x Custom Written Press Release (400 words)

1 x Custom Email to Pitch your Press Release

1 x Press Release Pitch Sent to 100 Top Tier Publications

1 x 20-minute strategy call

What is Powerful Outreach?

Powerful Outreach has chunked down best-in-class PR methodology into serviceable subscription based products. Our clients earn results not from a $10k complicated; comprehensive; and often-times esoteric PR retainer. They earn results from simple & repeatable methodology that just plain works.


We work with brands like Hubspot; Agora Pulse; Expedia; Kijiji (to name a few). And we’ve been successful in getting placement for our clients in places like Forbes, The Huffington Post; USA Today; TheNextWeb; Entrepreneur; The Wall Street Journal and a host of other publications. With packages starting @ $250 / month – our clients earn massive return on their subscriptions.

Our starter pack truly offers tremendous value. The consultation alone is worth hundreds of dollars. Throw in a custom written press-release and distribution to 100-niche-specific publications and a whole host of best-in-class resources to boot??? This thing is a steal!

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