What Is Powerful Outreach?

We do the HARD WORK to get you press!

Unlike a traditional PR agency, we work at the gig-service level. This pre-packaged, productized service offering is manageable and scaleable. Rather than work with custom proposals and complicated PR processes, we’ve parsed our work down into a simple and effective subscription based products!

Simply put, with our subscription based PR products you will be levering our time, expertise, experience, and relationships to get your business press coverage! Powerful Outreach lets you automate your PR strategy without hiring an expensive PR agency.

What People Are Saying

“We’ve been working with Powerful Outreach for a few months now. They get us more placements than I can respond to. They have been very available to tweak and review our goals, and have adapted as we need. It takes time for any agency and client to find a groove and get to know each other. Powerful Outreach is nimble, available, hard working and at a great price.” Anne-Sophie Whitehead, League Network
“The service at Powerful Outreach is absolutely amazing. Whether you sell B2B Enterprise Software or offer a consumer mobile app, niche blogger PR always makes sense from an acquisition and SEO standpoint. Powerful Outreach is one of the best bang-for-your-buck services I’ve ever come across and a no-brainer for any marketer.” Jon Beck, Revenue Growth Consultant
“Elijah & team are fantastic to work with. They always go the extra mile to help me develop strategy and new approaches in the ever-changing PR world. They’re the most cost effective partner we work with. Awesome service, highly recommend to all. Tim, startup founder, Chicago.” Tim Huelskamp, Founder @ 1440

Simple Products

We do the HARD WORK to get you press!

Please explore our core subscription based products below. These are designed to be the hard grunt work you know you need to do to get PR results. Work that is often the 9th or 10th item on your to do list. Trust the pros and get a constant stream of positive press leads landing in your inbox every week!

Press Outreach

Look. You know that you need to be earning press mentions on an ongoing basis. But doing the grunt work to properly network with the right people is a chore. With our Press Outreach Services, we turn this into a core strength for you and your business. On your behalf, we will develop a custom outreach strategy to properly network with and earn you press contacts. Delivering real and positive press interactions to your inbox virtually non-stop.

Guest Post Outreach

Earn Guest Posts while you sleep with Guest Post Outreach Services from Powerful Outreach. Putting yourself and your brand out there into the wild is paramount in driving real business success. Taking your story, your business, your knowledge & thought leadership to the right communities can literally make or break your business. But who has the time to build a network of contribution angles? Leave this chore to the pros and earn Guest Posts on auto-pilot…

PR Baseline

The PR Baseline from Powerful Outreach combines the best of our products. It is simply a combination of the starter levels of our Press Outreach and Guest Post Outreach services. So not only are you enjoying an ongoing stream of positive press interactions, but you will be generating Guest Posts ongoing as well.

What Can You Pitch?

The answer is simple: anything.

We can help you pitch your brand, product, service, etc. for any market, industry or geography. You don’t have to worry about where to start, crafting your own pitch or curating a pitch list – our team of outreach specialists is here for you.

Launch your company or product

Are you launching your company or product? Let us help you get coverage and handle your PR for the launch. It’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Build local appeal

We can help you find local audiences for your story. Sometimes, you just need that expertise to find what you need.

Share new data and insights

Did you discover interesting data or insights and want to share it? Whether it was through a survey or company information, we can help you get the word out there!

Establish yourself as a leader

When journalists are looking for an expert in a particular area, we can direct them to you. We monitor several resources daily to ensure that we know about all the best press opportunities for you.

Become an expert

Do you want to be known as an expert in your field? We can help connect you to several publications that accept guest blogs and want contributors.

Be part of your industry conversation

If your industry is a hot topic, it would be a great opportunity for you to join the conversation. We can help get in there and direct you to who you should be connecting with.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Read Through a Real Live Client Case Study

As a result of our PR work, our customer Torch Coat earned over 1 million impressions, and 800 leads in a 48 hour period. He was also contacted by SHARK TANK!! Click Here to read through our case study to find out how we did it…

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